Waterlase Dental Laser

Waterlase Dental Laser

At a world laser conference in November of 2002, an Italian doctor lectured to participants on his use of the dental laser, exclusively, in placing dental implants, eliminating the scalpel and surgical flap. In 2004 I was introduced to the Waterlase dental laser. Although I was never intrigued with the laser or ever had thoughts of owning one, the idea of combining dental laser with my training and passion of dental implants became a clear direction for me.

The thought of less invasive surgery, quicker healing and better aesthetics for my patients was a thrilling concept. I became a member of the World Clinical Laser Institute, began surgically placing implants utilizing the laser and soon earned Master Certification in laser dentistry. I found that with the proper case there is no need for the drill or anesthetic, the patient is more comfortable and the aesthetics are cleaner. The laser became a true extension of my practice utilizing it for restorative dentistry, including cavity to crown preps, all types of periodontal treatments including bone removal, and placing implants with minimal if any anesthetic. In 2004, with my work on lasers and implants, I was a recipient of the Award for Leadership and Outstanding Contributions in Advancing Dentistry Through laser Technology, through the WCLI.

Following success with treatments, patients and courses, the Smileboston Dental Implant Continuum was created to teach the many facets of the Waterlase and Waterlase MD lasers locally, nationally and internationally.

The SDIC laser courses are geared toward the Waterlase and its attributes as applicable in the general dental office, as well as beginner and advanced courses on successfully placing implant utilizing the Waterlase laser. The SDIC implant course concentrates on placing implants in the traditional method. However, I do show the fundamentals of laser placement and teach a course specifically on laser implant placement. Both Keystone Dental (formerly Lifecore Biomedical) and BioLase, Inc. sponsor the placement courses.

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