We’ll Miss You, Dr. Morgenstern

We’ll Miss You, Dr. Morgenstern

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. “

~Abe Lemons

This May, after thirty years in practice and raising four children, our co-worker, dentist, teacher, mentor and friend, Dr. Jay Morgenstern, will retire, leaving New England to play the “wild cards” in Las Vegas. Over the years, Dr. Morgenstern has touched many with his witty commentaries, stories and most importantly, his dedication to the art and science of dentistry. Although he hates the idea of a tribute, many have asked and we are proud to create a forum where we can all show how much he has added to our lives and how much he will be missed. Please take a moment to share your story or favorite memory and/or post a photo of Dr. Morgenstern. We will share future information and updates with anyone who contributes to this page.

Share your message/photo with Dr. Morgenstern below. Enjoy the future and THANK YOU for everything, Dr. Morgenstern!

Things Won't Be the Same Without You!

Congratulations on your retirement. It's not the same without you. I always appreciated your sense of humor, knowledge, and advice. I am one of the few people I know who can say going to the dentist was enjoyable and fun! Thank you for all the great years.

Beverly Ross |

We will miss you

We have been coming to Dr. Morgenstern's office since before we were married, and our two college-aged boys have grown up while coming to him. We used to live closer to the office, but now we drive all the way from Mansfield because we know we get the best care possible. We will miss all the wonderful stories that entertained us while sitting in the chair, but wish Dr. M the best in this new chapter of his life.

Vicki and Arnie Harchik | Mansfield, MA

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Retirement!

As a scared BU senior, I was referred through BU Health Services to Dr. Altshuler at 68 Bay State Road for some much needed dental work for bruxism, nearly 40 years ago. I had not seen a dentist in at least 12 years. Dr. Altshuler and Dr. Donna Calsimitto were very helpful, kind, and non-scary, answering all of my dozens of engineering questions about the next steps needed. Dr. Jay stepped in a couple of years later, and I continued to enjoy his style and technical expertise, even when I started working in Rhode Island. When I chipped a front tooth on a Friday evening, he fixed it on the following Monday morning with a little filler adhesive, avoiding any major dental surgery or implant. When I needed a root canal and crown, he worked through the details and provided an excellent fix. Dr. Jay Morgenstern: you are a tribute to your profession. Hopefully when I need any further dental work, your successor team will be as technically competent. And Nida is such a blessing also! Best wishes for a wonderful retirement, and good luck with your Wild Card games!

Karen Kullas |

50 YEARS and counting

I started with Dr. Altschuler when I was 16 (yes we did have electricity then) - then I
inherited Jay - and now I've inherited Steve - maybe one day it will be Steve's son
who participates in one of my visits !!!!

Rhoda Farley | Newton, Ma

Thank You

Thank you Dr. Morgenstern for 25 years (maybe more??) of the best dentistry evah! You often questioned why I would drive all the way from Hingham but honestly I would drive even further see you if I had to. I hope your retirement is everything you want it to be and I wish you years and years of good health and happiness. I will miss you!

Karen Hale | Hingham

Will miss you...

Good luck in the future, Dr. Morgenstern. I'll miss hearing your voice and funny stories when I visit the office. You were my first dentist in Massachusetts when I graduated from BU. I still remember your office on Bay State Road.

Have a great retirement and stay in touch!

Emerick Rogul | Belmont, MA

Thank You

Thank you for all the years of great dental care. It was always enjoyable to chat with you and listen to your stories. And, the dental work was usually painless. Best of luck in your new adventure!

Debbie Ellerin |

Stories that always made you smile!

Dear Dr. Morgenstern,
Thank you for many, many years of excellent care and funny stories! I started to see you more than 10 years ago upon the recommendation of one of your former students. Going to the dentist was never one of my favorite things to do (as I'm sure is the case with most people) but pretty soon I actually started looking forward to my visits! You were an excellent dentist - but also very entertaining! I always left laughing from your many stories and will miss them! I wish you the very best in Las Vegas - maybe I'll run into you there some day!


Thank You Dr. Morgenstern

Dear Dr. Morgenstern,
We can’t thank you enough for all that you did for our son, Brennan, and our family. Brennan was hurt off campus from Boston College in May of 2014 involving the loss of his 2 front teeth. He suffered scraps and cuts also. He managed trips to see you and received a root canal or two and temporary crowns all while studying for finals. After last summer, Brennan studied in Hong Kong, fall semester and returned to BC spring semester. He’s looking forward to his senior year! What my husband and I treasure the most is the phone call we received from you about Brennan! You reassured us that he would be fine and that you understood what we were going through, especially given the distance between us. We will forever remember your kindness! We hope you have a very happy retirement! Best wishes to you always!

Jan and Tim O'Boyle

Jan and Tim O'Boyle |

I'll Miss You!

I really am very resistant to change. I remember that when you took over from Dr. Altshuler, I was very dubious about this young rookie. However, you quickly won my confidence and now I am again dubious that anyone will be able to measure up to the standard that you have set. Your expertise and skill, as well as your humor will be much missed. Another new dentist to convince that I really don't need (or want) any anesthetic! May you have many adventures on the journey ahead... Enjoy and be well!

Bonnie Miller | Cambridge, MA

Thank You!

Thank you for fixing my Smile. Dr. Morgenstern you are AWESOME! Much Love.

Robert |

The Best!

When Dr J was starting out in Kenmore Sq, if I remember correctly, the offer was for an exam and xrays for $25 with the $25 being donated to charity-I thought " how can I lose?, I like this guy"s style."

When I moved to RI 15 yrs ago, I continued to get my dental care from Dr Jay. He would remind me that there are dentists in RI but I told him I had separation anxiety! I always felt that I got expert dental care from him -and when my mouth was under lock down in the chair, I learned a few things as I think it is no secret that he likes to talk, and in addition, he knows a lot about quite a few things. As a dental phobic from childhood, I always felt in good hands.

So you will be missed Dr Jay-hope you have a blast in retirement.

Terry Hahn | East Providence RI

Bye Bye Dr. Morgenstern

I remember my first time at Dr. Morgenstern’s office I wasn’t scared like most kids I was excited. And when I walked in I met Dr. Morgenstern THE BEST DENTIST OF ALL TIME!!!!! And then I asked a bunch of questions while Dr. Morgenstern was working on me. He told my mom that he never saw a kid this excited about dentistry and asking so many questions - And not only was he super nice, he answered ALL MY QUESTIONS!!!!!
Dr. Morgenstern is the best dentist ever. I will miss you very much.

-Michael Knowlton Soares

My parents, Katherine Knowlton and Matthew Soares have really appreciated Dr. Morgenstern’s professionalism, kindness, sense of humor, and, of course, great stories.

From Katherine:
Dr. Morgenstern has been a great dentist for me and my family over the years, and one time stands out for me when he rescued my front teeth, only a couple of weeks before my wedding! I had a second rate bridge done by an unnamed dentist and was mortified on how I was going to smile without showing the two waxy front teeth, But Dr. Jay acted quickly and had a beautiful temporary bridge made in the same day! He is a great dentist and artist. My wedding photos came out great – my teeth looked even better than I could have imagined. He saved my day! Enjoy your retirement, I am sure you will be busier than ever.

From Matt:
Dr. Morgenstern can even make a filling an enjoyable experience. Good luck in Vegas, and know when to fold ‘em!

Michael Knowlton Soares | Chestnut Hill, MA

Thank You Dr. Morgenstern!

Dear Dr. Morgenstern:
How kind the years have been. I’ve been coming to you for…. thirty years? More? I know we met over at Bay State Road under Dr. Altschuler's label. I have to thank you for supervising my dental care, for saving my dental health and committing to see my remaining teeth through the years.

I have been impressed with your long-standing, thoughtful bonds created with you and your capable staff. I recall Mary, who moved to Florida and married; Heather who married and moved to the Northeast. Nida who has literally grown up here under your tutelage and her wonderful family. I learned the other day that Alanna and hubby are expecting and moving to New Hampshire. You certainly invest in people---and you have people! All the while developing a growing collaborative of dental professionals under the umbrella of SMILES of Boston with satellite locations following in the steps of our predecessor, Dr. Altchusler who passed the torch to you. What foresight.

It’s been good to have many open-mouth discussions with you (smile.) I’ve enjoyed hearing the adventures of your children…especially your daughter who moved to London and then subsequently to Australia; whose accomplishments are even surprising to you. You said her mother and your wonder is where she got her drive from. Yeah, right!! It’s called: loving your kids to success.

Kudos to you for the many miles of bicycling for the Jimmy Fund. Bless you for being a dentist with compassion and Mazel Tov on your retirement – or should I say ---reFIREment. ENJOY!!

Gwendolyn Lewis | Hyde Park, MA

The best dentist - EVER!

Dear Dr. Morgenstern,
You have been my favorite dentist since you took over Dr. Altschuler's practice many years ago. No matter what issues I presented to you, you always responded with a correct path for treatments with information, grace, laughter, patience and humor. I wish you the very best of luck in the years ahead. I will miss you!
Anne Channell

Anne Channell | Lexington, MA

Best Dentist ever!

Long ago in a land far, far away, my headaches, vertigo and jaw pain were was making life a bit uncomfortable. Dr. Jay patiently listened and properly diagnosed my symptoms as TMJ. I have been a patient for many, many years and even more so a friend. He properly fitted me with a mouth guard, which I will proudly wear for the rest of my life and I thank him for making me and my jaw much happier! Wishing you great adventures in your next chapter Dr. Jay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Keith Wortzman | Randolph, MA

Dr. Wonderful

If it is true that the activities of inhaling deeply, speaking out with passion and laughing heartily massage your internal organs, bring oxygen deep into your tissues and increase your longevity……well, then Jay Morgenstern will live forever!
I have been a patient of Dr. Morgenstern for nearly 20 years beginning when a front tooth crumbled to dust after I bit down on something as light as a feather. I was looking for a dentist at the time and a colleague referred me to Jay…. that’s when it all started………….
Jay took care of my toothless plight with skill and artistry and I was fascinated with his varied interests and strong stances on the issues of the day. Even when I disagreed with his politics by the time he finished explaining his point of view, backing it up w/ facts and figures, I was often convinced to take another look!
Over the years Jay’s dental mastery improved my smile and my self-esteem after years of poor oral care. His sense of humor lifted my spirits always. When he started riding for the Pan Mass Challenge he included the names of a dear friend (a survivor) and my husband, (a non-survivor) on his T-shirt……that was very touching and I was proud to tell my family, colleagues and friends that my dentist was riding the PMC to save lives. That first year he rode I made a giant tooth shaped poster to cheer him on as I stood at the top of one of the most challenging parts of the ride; Tom’s Hill in Truro. The slow, steep and very long trek to the hill top could be compared to “Heartbreak Hill” in the Boston Marathon. As I waited for Jay and his dental team of riders to pass by, even though I could not yet see him, I knew he was close because I could hear him! While other riders peddled silently by, a bit winded, with smiles and waves, there he was, rattling on, quite loudly I might add, chewing the ear of his riding buddies about God knows what! I know you are laughing now in familiarity with this situation – captive audience members that we all have been!
Meeting Jay and his group at the top of “Heartbreak Hill” became an annual event and I began a new tradition of bringing fruit and nut filled oatmeal cookies for him and his team to provide them with some extra energy for the last leg of the PMC……for that Jay has given me the nickname of “Cookie Lady” around the Smileboston office.
Jay’s commitment to causes like the Pan Mass Challenge, Best Buddies, coaching youth hockey etc. speak to the wonderful and big hearted guy he is. He has limitless energy to help out any way he can. I am so proud of him for his discipline and caring nature for those in need. His talents are awesome both chair side and out in the world. While Jay is declining a send-off celebration it is comforting to know that we can all stay in touch via e-mail and his blog…….See, I told him I had abandonment issues and he listened!
You will be missed greatly dear Dr. Jay but your adventures will continue and thanks for sharing them with us- your patients and your friends. I wish you all the best in your next chapter of GamblerGunfighterDentist………….just be careful with that gunslinger part!

Thank You Jay!
Linda Rose O’Connor - aka “Cookie-Lady.”

Linda Rose O'Connor | Hyde Park, MA

Dentist appt = Stories!

Dr M (or Dr J) is always good for a story or two whenever I come in to the office. I'm another patient "inherited" from Dr A many years ago. The office has always had such a great staff (Crystal, Andrew, Leo, just to name a few) and it's been a pleasure to come in (mostly :>) ). I was grateful that when I was without insurance for a while, Dr M worked with me to make sure I still got outstanding care at a great price. We will definitely all miss you and hope you have a great time out west!

Jeff Overman | Stoughton MA

Thank You Dr. Morgenstern!

I started seeing you back when you had an office on Bay State Road. I was in my 20's then and not so great about making regular trips to the dentist. That changed thanks to you and your staff making me feel as comfortable as possible. I always appreciated your knowledge and positive energy.

You used to tell me "my teeth were boring, but we like that." Here's wishing you a retirement that's never boring.

Best of luck!


Ann Green | Brookline, MA

Thank you

Dr. Morgenstern has been my dentist from the very beginning--he is both an extraordinary dentist and an extraordinary person. He has always been there for me, figuring out the best approach to my dental needs, including personally bringing a new mouthguard to me when I was hospitalized after having been hit by a car---I will miss his skill and his generosity of spirit very much, and wish him the best in his new chapter--
Karen Parker, Boston

Karen Parker | Boston

Happy teeth!

Thanks so much for keeping my teeth, and me, happy for oh so many years! As someone you "inherited" from Dr. Altshuler, I've always felt total confidence in your care and advice, and it's always been a pleasure talking with you and catching glimpses of your interests and your life beyond the office. All best wishes for the major migration westward and your new life in Vegas!

Ron Blau | Newton, MA

A big Thank You

Thank you very much Dr. Morgenstern for the care that you have provided over the years and your commitment to the dental profession. Best wishes on your next exciting chapter and may you find great fulfillment and 'wild' success out West!!

Sam Tan |

Short and Sweet...


Leigh Ortiz | Allston, MA


Dear Jay: Congratulations on your graduation from Boston and 'doing' dentistry and moving to the warmth of Vegas to teach our next generation. Play and win in Vegas!!

Laurie Spitz | Needham, MA

Well worth the trip!

I remember when Dr. Jay (as I call him) joined the dental practice on Bay State Road. I love his stories, his caring, insight and good dental care! It can be a long trek from Weymouth to Brookline to see the dentist but I convince my husband to switch to Dr. Jay (for which he is very happy!) and always brought my sons to him and Nida for their dental care. Wishing you the best of luck but am going to miss you a lot!

Phyllis McCormack | Weymouth, MA

You'll be so missed!

Dr. Morgenstern is the best. I'm 38 years old, I've been to the dentist almost every 6 months since childhood, and Dr. M is only the second dentist I've ever had! It makes me feel very old to say it, but I remember when he was the new dentist who'd just taken over the practice from Dr. A. My parents & my brother & I used to all come together for Saturday appt's at the old office near Fenway when I was growing up. My brother & I would get our (hateful) flouride treatments, and then after waiting the required amount of time, we'd get to go out to lunch as a treat. Also, Dr. M used to let my parents use his parking spot when we got tickets to see the Red Sox. What a great guy! I've always felt secure in the knowledge that I have a great dentist, even though he always tells me my teeth are "boring"! It's been really fun to be able to share photos of my own kid, and know that Dr. M remembers when I was in elementary school! I'm happy for him that he's off to have more fun, but things won't be the same without him!

Lynn Chosiad | Watertown, MA

Best of Luck!

Dr. Morgenstern, we've only met on a few occasions and wish we would have worked together more. Please know I have only heard great things about you and my husband's teeth look great! I wish you all the best in your new adventure - a stress-free life filled with sunshine and success. Congratulations on your retirement!

Sarah Linker | East Greenwich, RI

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