Dr. Spitz Facts

Dr. Spitz Facts

  • Dental implant design, surgical placement, lifetime care and restoration. One doctor for all treatment.
  • Sedation dentistry for fearful patients. Patients are relaxed for treatment and are able to care for their dental health.
  • Laser dental treatment; dental implants, surgical care and everyday dental care.
  • Mouthguards, sleep apnea and occlusal/TMJ treatment.
  • Computerized imaging for before and after comparisons.
  • Invisalign Clear Braces for all ages.

Items of Interest

  • One of the first dentists in the United States to successfully place dental implants with the use of Waterlase laser.
  • Surgically places and restores more difficult dental implant cases for patients who have been told they were not candidates.
  • Local authority in the advanced use of dental laser, dental implants and all aspects of dental care (Invisalign, sedation, etc.).
  • Sedation Dentistry; fearful patients have the ability to receive their entire care while being comfortably sedated in one visit.
  • Only prosthodontist in New England who uses the advanced technology of the Waterlase MD laser. Applications range from surgical placement of dental implants and reconstruction to treatment of cavities.
  • Dr. Spitz was chosen to restore a tooth believed to have been extracted from America’s Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).
  • Lectures nationally and internationally on the advanced applications of lasers in dentistry, with emphasis on implant dentistry.
  • One of few dental/medical professional to be admitted into national MIT/Birthing of Giants program.

Awards and Distinctions

World Clinical Laser Institute
Award for Leadership and Outstanding Contributions in Advancing Dentistry Through Laser Technology, 2004

Benjamin Franklin Tooth Restoration,
with Waterlase laser, October 2004

Boston Magazine
Mentioned as, “one of the most reputable places in Boston for cosmetic procedures.”

Improper Bostonian Magazine
Boston’s Best Cosmetic Dentist, 2003 (the only year this category ever appeared).
There is more to cosmetic dentistry than simply spiffing up your choppers with some whitening agent. At Smileboston, headed up by Dr. Steven Spitz, they start from the foundation, making sure your gums are in perfect shape before working on any other part of your mouth or teeth… (click here to read full article.)

Public Relations

Laurie E. Spitz, Director