General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Today, aesthetics plays an important role in all areas of dentistry, including dental fillings. And, today, there are a variety of options to choose from when filling your teeth. Composites are a white, tooth-colored material that creates a filling to match your tooth. An inlay might be made of either porcelain or gold, and is created by hand in a dental laboratory to fit precisely into your tooth, so it doesn’t look like a filling. An onlay is similar to an inlay, except that it fits “on” the tooth, rather that “in” it. During your consultation, you and Dr. Spitz can discuss which option is best for you.

Frenquently Asked Questions

In the past I have had some uncomfortable experiences in dental offices. Is pain still a necessary part of the process?
Dr. Spitz believes in making the entire experience of dental care pleasant and comfortable. He goes to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process. We even provide a set of earphones that will lessen the background noise in the office, or let you sit back with a music CD or a DVD to watch a movie during your treatment.

Are composite (tooth-colored) fillings as reliable as silver fillings?
There are many types of highly aesthetic and strong tooth-colored materials available to fill teeth. There are even materials that slowly release fluoride. When used properly, these materials can outlast silver.

Are silver mercury fillings bad for you medically, and should I have them replaced?
There has been a lot of controversy concerning mercury in silver fillings. However, there are no studies which prove that they are harmful enough to require replacement. Fortunately, with today’s advancing technology and techniques, there are many alternatives to silver for fillings, such as porcelain, composite and gold.