Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

Taking the Fear out of Dentistry

Conscious sedation also referred to as oral sedation or ‘sleep dentistry’ is an option for many individuals for most procedures. Conscious sedation is administered through a small oral pill that creates feelings of relaxation and eliminates anxiety. Some patients may not remember their appointment and they surely will not remember any discomfort or fear.

Medication is administered an hour prior to the appointment and in some cases, again immediately before the procedure. While sedated the patient can answer questions and follow directions and is ‘awakened’ from ‘sleep’ by juice. A good night sleep is recommended with a feeling of rest and relaxation in the morning. Individuals with a history of medication or alcohol abuse should consult their physician prior to using conscious sedation.

Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry has been using conscious sedation methods since 2004. Dr. Spitz is licensed by the state of Massachusetts to administer in-office conscious sedation and has completed training with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, including Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Smileboston is also part of the Sedation Dentistry Network – a group of dentists with specific training and licensure to treat individuals with moderate to severe issues with fear of dentists and dental treatment.

In addition to conscious sedation, Smileboston offers a variety of options to help put patients at ease during their treatments. These range from quiet relaxation – listening to music or watching a movie – to nitrous oxide and other medications to help relieve anxiety prior to and during appointments. Discussing your concerns with the professionals at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry will allow you to choose the option that is right for you.