Caring for Your Gums

Caring for Your Gums

Prevention and specialty care are never more important than in childhood.

Most people know that tooth decay left untreated can result in tooth loss as well as bone loss. However, for many adults gum disease is actually the main cause of tooth loss. Gums that bleed easily or that are red and swollen, bad breath, a bad taste in the mouth, changes in your bite when your teeth come together, or pus between your teeth and gums, are all signs of gum disease. These problems can be treated, but, most important of all, they can be prevented with regular proper gum care and routine check-ups. You can have a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime with good, consistent gum care.

Soft Tissue Management

Healthy gums are essential to retain a healthy smile. Those who may have an acute or chronic gingival condition may or may not realize the severity. Mouth infections have the ability to effect the entire surrounding structure of the teeth, the gingival tissue, and the bone.

That is why we have created a program to revitalize your gums. Through visits with Dr. Spitz and our expert hygenienist, you have the ability to revive your dental health.