Smile Times – January 2015

Smile Times – January 2015

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Pembroke Team
The Truth About Amalgam Metal Fillings

Dental fillings are used to treat minor to moderate enamel loss due to tooth decay, fractures, or trauma and are designed to fill the void created by this damage. While some dentist’s still use amalgam metal fillings, the doctors at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry have not preformed metal filings for several years. Instead, Smileboston opts for stronger and more natural tooth-colored dental fillings called resin or composite fillings.

Beyond aesthetic, there are several differences between metal and tooth-colored fillings that make tooth-colored fillings a better choice for your long-term oral health. Most significantly, composite fillings help to preserve the natural structure of the tooth. Besides being virtually invisible, composites have a property of bonding to the tooth structure. This bonding can protect and increase the overall strength of the tooth being restored. Composite fillings also require less removal of your natural tooth when being placed in the mouth and are more durable and less prone to cracking and leaking.

Conversely, metal fillings change in size and shape when exposed to either hot or cold temperatures. Over time, these changes make the tooth more prone to leakage and fracture and may also contribute to heightened tooth sensitivity. In fact, a majority of root canals are a result of cracked and leaking metal fillings that allow bacteria to breed under the filling, causing infection. This is why we often recommend replacing old metal fillings – we can see the cracks and know what can happen. Unfortunately, patients don’t feel symptoms until it’s too late and they end up with infection requiring a root canal or with a fractured tooth requiring a crown.

Amalgam metal fillings were popular and greatly used due to their low cost and easy placement. Higher quality and longer lasting materials come at a slightly higher cost, but the frustrating issue is that many insurance plans will not pay as much for tooth-colored fillings as they do for the less costly metal filling. With that, our philosophy at Smileboston is that we do the kind of dentistry that we would do on our own families and never compromise treatment based upon insurance mandates.

During your next dental appointment visit, we will take and evaluate X-rays, as well as your teeth, gums, and surrounding bone to diagnose any apparent dental issues. If any evidence of tooth decay is found, the proper course of treatment will be discussed to restore the tooth back to health. To answer any questions and to schedule your next hygiene visit, please contact us ( .
Team Profile:
Kathleen Rizzo
Meet Kathleen Rizzo, our cheerful office manager of Smileboston Pembroke. Kathleen joined the Smileboston team in May 2014 but, interestingly enough, her dental career began six years prior as a dental hygienist in Upstate New York. When Kathleen decided to go back to school to finish her business degree, she realized that her clinical knowledge and business acumen were a perfect fit for dental office management.

Kathleen’s favorite part of her job is hearing each patient’s unique story and then figuring out how she can best fit their needs. While dentistry will always be her main focus, she is also an avid photographer and owns a business specializing in wedding photography—Kathleen Rizzo Photography ( .

Kathleen and her husband, Kyle, currently reside in Whitman, MA with their four-month old Austrailian Shepherd puppy, named Lou. When she’s not working, taking pictures or raising a puppy, Kathleen loves trying new restaurants, listening to music and traveling. Be sure to say hello next time you are at Smileboston Pembroke!
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Our patients ( are published authors, accomplished musicians, editors, athletes, photographers and well-traveled citizens of the world. We just received these smile inspiring photographs from a patient visiting China during the holidays.

What have you been up to? Where have you been or where are you going? Let us know (’ve%20Got%20News!%20) , we want to brag and share your story!
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