Smile Times – January 2014

Smile Times – January 2014

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January 2014
Pembroke Team
Communication is Key!
We know that the key to any successful relationship is open communication. This definitely holds true with Smileboston and the relationship with our patients. If you’re reading this message, you have trusted us with your email address and we appreciate that. Email is one way of corresponding, where we currently send monthly information regarding the office, our team and the special things we do in and out of the office.

Another important way we communicate with our patients is through Facebook ( and Twitter ( . Here we post interesting information on dental care, what’s up in the office and interesting information about patients who choose to be noted (ask us for more details if interested). In addition to posting dental tips, photos and fun facts, in urgent situations, you’ll receive up-to-date information on office closures due to inclement weather or other issues. Last year, the building was closed for a few hours for an earthquake!! Our followers told us that this contact was invaluable during the recent blizzards. But Facebook
( and Twitter ( are two-way communications and we look for your feedback and interests.
Additionally, in an effort to keep up-to-date for our current patients and future patients, Smileboston’s website ( overhaul is nearly complete (this link is to our current site). Our blog ( has also been revamped and relaunched, and finally, within the next few weeks, Smileboston patients will be able to pay their invoices online, via the Smileboston web site (more information to come).

We are excited to bring these technological updates to you and remember… Smile Always!
Mouth sensitivity.
Is a Root Canal Necessary?
Endodontic therapy, typically known as root canal therapy, is used to resolve many different dental issues. As dental nerve damage isn’t always a painful event, is possible for this process to occur without producing any severe issues but maybe, slightly noticeable symptoms.

-Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks or foods
-Pressure feeling when biting
-Continuous pain; mild or extreme
-Throbbing or fleeting pain
-Swelling or tenderness at gum line

In this case, dental x-rays are extremely important in diagnosing any type of dental problem. If diagnosed, a root canal may be necessary. The term, ‘root canal’ is scary, but fortunately endodontic therapy has advanced tremendously in recent years. With the development of new technologies, such as endodontic microscopes, the practice of endodontics has fundamentally changed, resulting in more efficient, effective and patient-friendly care. At Smileboston, our offices have advanced endodontic microscopes that allow our Endodontist to actually see into the root’s canal rather than being solely tactile.

Bottom line, if you experience any sort of mouth abnormality, symptoms noted above or different, it is important to call as soon as possible and make an appointment for our Smileboston team to evaluate your concerns.
Team Profile: Jay Morgenstern, DMD
Dr. Jay Morgenstern has practiced in the Boston and Brookline area for the past 22 years, in our current Brookline location for 13 years, and has been an integral part of Smileboston for the past five years. Dr. Morgenstern, or ‘Dr. M’, has spent his entire career learning skills to help patients achieve a healthy and attractive smile in the most comfortable way possible.

Learning and teaching have both been equally important to Dr. Morgenstern throughout his career. He is proud of his continued education in orthodontics and has been trained in the most advanced orthodontic system available, as well as being certified in the Invisalign clear-braces straightening system.

Dr. M has been a supporter and rider in the Pan Mass Challenge for over 15 years and proud of his fundraising efforts. Since his first PMC ride in 1997 his team has raised over $200,000 dollars for cancer research.
Word of Mouth
In 2014, resolve improve the quality of your teeth. An easy way to do so is to cut soda completely out of your diet. The sticky residue left behind encourages plaque and cavities.
Chewing on celery helps produce more saliva in your mouth which prevents plaque. In addition to regular brushing, eating celery just one time a week can help keep your teeth naturally clean.
Did you know that the male subject in the classic painting, American Gothic ( , was a dentist and not a farmer?


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