Dental Implants

Dental Implants

“Dental implants have always been a passion of mine. Through my doctoral, post-doctoral and residency programs, from a prosthodontist’s point of view, I came to understand a benefit to knowing how to place implants surgically in combination with my prosthodontic training. Being able to visualize the end result and taking the process backward to the surgery (planning how and where to place the implants) made for a more stable and reliable end result clinically as well as aesthetically for the patient”.

“Throughout my training and years in private practice I have had the ability to utilize most implants used in the northeast. I have found Keystone Dental, Thommen Medical and Nobel Biocare to be the most effective for my needs and my patients, although I utilize other implant brands depending upon the patient and their needs”.

“Working with Dr. Spitz has always been a pleasure for me especially in regards to how he conducts his surgical training courses. It is refreshing to see how clearly he communicates the necessary information to his course attendees in a manner which they can readily absorb. The process and message Dr. Spitz uses is assimilated quickly and the doctors who attend leave with confidence, clarity of purpose and a new friend in Steve.”

– Chuck Frame
Regional Sales Manager Northeast, Lifecore Biomedical

“In 2003, I began teaching dentists (mostly prosthodontists and general dentists) how to place implants from the end result visually, backwards to the surgical phase. The goal being to give confident dentists the knowledge and guidance to place implants with their patients, without the need to refer them out to the periodontist or oral surgeon. To maintain the relationship with the patient that is already there, is the number one key and to give comfort to the patient by having them remain within the office they know and trust is good for both the doctor and patient”.

“In 2004, I was introduced to the Waterlase dental laser. I began surgically placing implants with the laser, eliminating the scalpel and surgical flap. I found in these cases healing was faster and immediate loading was more predictable. The patient is more comfortable and the aesthetics are cleaner”.

“In my implant course I concentrate on placing implants in the traditional method. However, I do show the fundamentals of laser placement and teach a course specifically on laser implant placement. Both Keystone Dental and BioLase, Inc. sponsor the courses”.

Surgical Implant Protocol – Movie (WMV)
A surgical protocol showing step-by-step placement of a Keystone Dental (formerly Lifecore® Biomedical) Stage I 4.1x10mm implant.

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